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Mavi Ay Yatak

60x120 cm Cozy Baby Bed

60x120 cm Cozy Baby Bed

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Ürün Açıklaması

  • Soft touch quality quilted knitted fabric cover
  • The zippered cover can be easily removed at any time and can be washed in the washing machine up to 40 degrees, so it is always clean and hygienic.
  • Connected, bordered side surface design
  • 8 cm 22 density orthopedic sponge, the right mattress with the right hardness
  • 10cm+-1cm height

For the health and comfort of our babies, who are asleep for most of their first months of life, the product that should be chosen with the utmost care is the first bed.

With this sensitivity, we used healthy components that have passed all tests in the beds we prepared for our babies. We have specially designed it with the optimum hardness that our babies need.


This degree of hardness has the softness that will allow the circulatory system and muscle development of our babies, as well as the hardness that will provide the right support for the skeletal-spine development.

In babies aged 0-2, the weight/height ratio reaches from 65 gr/cm from birth to approximately 140 gr/cm from 2 years old.

As a result of our research, the use of springs in different height-weight ratios above 2 times does not give the desired results, it can remain too hard or too soft.

The desired orthopedic structure was obtained in the 0-2 age range at the height/weight ratio with the sponge with 22 DNS density of suitable strength.


With its light and portable feature, our baby bed, which can be used as a sleeping or play area, will offer your baby comfortable hours with its completely harmless texture.


The zippered cover can be easily removed at any time and can be washed in the washing machine up to 40 degrees, so it is always clean and hygienic.

We did not prefer organic-based components (cotton, wool, bamboo, etc.) in our baby products since they carry a minimal risk of allergy, instead, we used quality synthetic components that do not carry allergic and bacterial risks, passed the tests, and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified.


In addition to having the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate registered in its name, our company also supplies raw materials and product components from OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified suppliers. 

By maintaining the quality standard chain, high standards are achieved in export products to the European Union countries, which is 98% of our activities.

Our goal is to bring products of high standards that appeal to the European market to our country at affordable prices.

 Note: The fabric and quilting patterns of the bed covers may differ from the images, the quality and components are standard as indicated in the table above.


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Tedirginlikle yaptığım alışveriş yerini huzura bıraktı😊

İlk defa sitenizden alışveriş yaptım ve canlı destek biriminiz cuma mesai sonrası olmasına rağmen çok yardımcı oldular alışverişimin her aşamasında ,teşekkür ediyorum.Pazartesi kargolandı bir gün içinde elimizdeydi yatağımızın içinden çıkan hediyeniz için de ayrıca teşekkür ediyorum.Henüz kullanma fırsatımız olmadı ama bebeğimin bir önceki yatağına göre kaliteli olduğu görünüş olarak anlaşılıyor kullandıktan sonra da umarım aynı fikirde oluruz😊🤗