Mattress Pad Guide

We transfer the knowledge and experience of being Turkey's largest manufacturer and exporter of mattress covers and sleeping products to our products.

We produce Topper - Mattress Pad products, which are Europe's new trend, using components containing the richest variety of certified, reliable and patented technologies for every need.

All of our products on sale are products that we export, and we offer the products we produce to European Union standards to our valued customers at affordable prices.

In 2023, approximately 95% of Mavi Ay Mattress production was exported to European Union countries. Our production approach and quality standards are fully compatible with European Union norms.

All of our products and all externally supplied components are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified products that have been tested and registered as not containing any components harmful to human health.

In our production facilities, R&D studies, facility investments and certification processes for low carbon footprint products, which are the next stage of European Union standards, continue.

It is very important to use reliable products during sleep, when the human body rests and recovers. Choose reliable products for your comfort and health.

We have summarized for you the features that stand out and make a difference in mattress pads;

Bird Feather Soft Sponge

If you are complaining about the hardness of your current mattress or want a puffy effect on your mattress as if you are sleeping on clouds, you can choose our models with down sponge, which is as soft as a bird's feather. Feather sponge does not contain real bird feathers, but is a name that describes the softness of the sponge.

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Visco Sponge

Visco elastic sponge is a type of sponge that takes the shape of the body and helps provide equal pressure distribution. In addition to the same soft effect of the feather sponge, it instantly conforms to the shape of the body, significantly preventing pinpoint compression. Provides a superior sleep experience

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Adaptive Visco Sponge

In addition to the standard visco sponge, the high density adaptive open cell visco sponge is sensitive to heat and pressure. Hardness and softness may vary depending on environmental conditions. Thanks to its high density, it provides excellent pressure distribution in point pressures, and its full structure provides the necessary support to the body parts that need support, providing a perfect sleeping experience.

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Latex, obtained from the sap of the rubber tree, is a sponge of natural origin. Our mattress pads, which use perforated air-latex that offers ultra-high air permeability, offer perfect heat balance.

The main prominent features of latex are:

• Healthy. A minimum amount of chemicals are used in latex production, and it is an antibacterial material by nature.

• High strength. The main and prominent feature of latex is that it has high resistance. It provides a lightening effect as if it eliminates the weight by resisting the pressure applied to it. If the first feature desired from a mattress pad is a lightened sleeping experience, latex should be the first choice. You can check out our other products where we offer different alternatives for softness.

• Heat balance. Latex is the product that gives the best results in absorbing and balancing heat.

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3D Spacer Fabric

It is a special 3D fabric with high air permeability that does not lose its air permeability even under pressure.

Our mattress pads with spacer fabric side surfaces fill with fresh air with every movement you make during sleep, as if your mattress pad took a new breath. Fresh air is of great importance for the body to rest and regenerate.

The entire circumference of our mattress pads, which have a spacer fabric side surface, is breathable at 360 degrees.

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Freeze Cold Fabric

Cold fabric offers high thermal conductivity and thermal absorbency, thermal comfort parameters that help ensure a quality sleep, in a single fabric structure.
• Cool fabric has a high thermal conductivity in its threads to quickly dissipate body heat throughout the body.
• Cool fabric provides coolness throughout the night without any energy source.
• Cooling effect allows you to enjoy a cool, comfortable and comfortable night's sleep.
• Cold fabric can be washed. Coldness is not affected by multiple washing.

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Tencel Fabric

Tencel is the use of a fiber of entirely botanical origin in the production of bedding fabric.

Its ultra-soft texture offers a silky touch. Fabrics with high lyocell content always stand out as the most special option for products that come into contact with human skin.

While the smooth surface of Tencel fiber provides moisture wicking properties, its soft structure provides a comfortable sleeping experience throughout the night.

Thanks to its fast conductivity along with its controlled and equal absorption of moisture, the humidity balance of the environment is maintained and sleep quality is improved.

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Organic Cotton

The choice of naturalness in sleep, which constitutes an important part of our lives, contributes significantly to the quality of life.

Organic cotton offers a pure, natural and breathing-friendly sleeping environment that does not contain chemicals.

Bedding fabrics made of organic cotton reduce the risk of allergies and protect the skin.

It is healthy and environmentally friendly.

Our organic cotton fabrics are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified and reliable fabrics.

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Aloe Vera Fabric

Aloe vera plant stands out with its properties of providing moisture balance and refreshing the skin.

Our soft fabrics containing aloe vera plant extracts have a super soft surface.

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