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Mavi Ay Yatak

Topper 3.0 - Orthopedic Hard Mattress Pad

Topper 3.0 - Orthopedic Hard Mattress Pad

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Ürün Açıklaması

  • Would you like to have a comfortable and comfortable bed as if you bought a new bed without changing your bed?
  • Our Topper 3.0 product is designed to provide ideal orthopedic hardness to your soft mattress.
  • 3 cm 28 dns orthopedic hard gray sponge
  • Fully detachable zippered case
  • washable cover
  • High quality quilted knitted fabric cover
  • Product height: 5cm
  • In addition to having OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification, Mavi Ay Mattress also provides raw materials and product components from OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified suppliers.
  • It is an export product in European Union standards.

Why Do I Need a Mattress Pad?

We believe that there is a harmony between a person and his bed. If this harmony is not achieved, you may often hear complaints such as "I wake up tired, I wake up with pain every morning, I constantly turn over in bed."

It is not easy for a person to find the right bed if there is no professional guidance when buying a bed. For example, you may like to sleep on a hard bed, but if you complain about pain caused by point pressure, you may be experiencing such a problem because there is no soft layer on the upper surface of your mattress to absorb point pressure.

For this reason, mattress pads are a product that is useful to bring the mattresses to the desired ideal comfort in problems such as insufficient sleep comfort encountered in old, hard or not soft enough mattresses, failure to protect the body's structure during sleep, or spring sinking.

Our toppers provide pressure minimization, reducing unwanted movements during sleep by 80%. It minimizes bed-related pain complaints and sweating.


We know how difficult it is to wash a mattress cover, you may not even have the chance to wash it because it does not have a zipper.

You can clean your mattress pad whenever you want with its washable cover, so you will protect your mattress and have a comfortable sleeping experience away from dust, mites, bacteria and allergens.

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